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We are Fariyadi.com, teaching people about law and legal rights.

Fariyadi.com is has an aim to aware laymen about law and legal rights. Right now, there are more than two thousands acts in India. There is no way to memories all the acts currently in force in India. However, Law doesn’t acknowledge this lack of knowledge. It means that one way or either a layman is in dire jeopardy. There only one way to eradicate such serious situation and Fariyadi.com is aimed to teach and assist layman.

All contents on the website are copyrighted to Mr. Shiv Shankar Gupta.

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message on:-7618956034

Please do no copy contents from the website as it will make you a hell to pay. Copying a copyrighted content makes you liable for paying any profits that might have damaged by your copying. The law authorities can even sell your house to make you pay the damages if you don’t have enough money in your bank account. No need to be afraid, just don’t try to copy the site contents.

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