Why there is too much corruption?

Education is something we should carry after we left our schools.

Above noted quotation is the bare-naked truth. Education is not to be taught but to be learned and earned. But how could a book-hater kid can learn or earn any education at all? No wonder why we hear news about angry kids beating his school-mates to the pulp. It is quite wondrous how 8 hours of school literacy fails to educate kids, but succeed in teaching how to kill people with their bare-little-hands. Right now, most of our schools are pitch battleground for school children to climb on the top of their communities food chain.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one had learn in school.

Sir Albert Einstein needed not to be a genius to figure out the above-noted fact. He was a man with an IQ below room temperature, but he used 0.0001% brain and it made him the creator of E=mc2. It’s quite sad and amusing, how high IQ students of our prestigious engineering colleges are committing to suicide because of failure while Sir Albert Einstein survived with his little IQ. What are we lacking?

Corruption churns everything and spits nothing.

Last one line is from me. In India (and also other lawful countries) corruption is rampant. This little devil hasn’t left a single spot on earth. Corruption has given birth to bureaucracy which has given birth to more corruption. Same bureaucracy is responsible for slow employment rate. Lack of transparency in the IT Age, the high illiteracy graph, dirty governmental hospitals, rampant police brutality, criminal’s supremacy are forms of corruption. But isn’t there any measure against the corruption?

Yes, there is! Law Education is the one-stop-solution for corruption.

Law Education is the medicine of corruption at every level. All your answers are within laws. But what are laws? Have you ever read about any law at schools? I guess not. This little problem has given birth to a devilish situation. Read our next eye-opener story:-

Result of insufficient Legal Awareness!!! 

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