How to marry Cousin Love legally?

Marrying cousin love legally is the matter of patience and power. In this case, knowledge and money are the two essential powers you can have. The problem cousin lovers face is prejudice. The world is fairly unfair with cousin lovers. In the last two posts of this series, we discovered how our ancestors have fed us with the notion that cousins are brother and sister. It is not true, truth is completely different from what they have taught us. It is really necessary if we clear ourselves with the truth.

Who are brother and sister?

Brother and sister mean a person of opposite sexes, born out of the same mother. In this case, if your mothers are different but the father is same, then you are step-relative, even then you are not true brother-sister at all. That why there is notion like a real brother and the cousin or step-brother/sister. This is a true hard fact to sink in after ages of lies. The person who has not born out of your mother’s womb is nothing to you. Take your time, folk, the fact will sink in with difficulty. Our ancestors have used lies to bend the truth that’s why they were Hypocrites.

This is the depth of our problem!

It all because of money. Yes, folks, it is all because of money. Back in time, when people started earning property they also figured out a way to keep the property to themselves. Though they died but they made a law that the property will be transferred to their blood relatives. If a person dies issueless (without any offspring or child), his/her property will be divided to the next close person in his/her ancestry. Means, if I die without a child, my property will be transferred to my sister/brother and if I’m the lone survivor of my parents, the property will be transferred to the kids of my uncle/aunt.

This system has a particular flaw that has hooked up with the society. Because the property normally transferred to the brother-sisters, we have recognized our cousins as brother and sisters. That’s why there are words like cousin-brother and cousin-sister, but the truth is THERE IS NO SUCH WORD LIKE COUSIN-BROTHER OR COUSIN-SISTER, THERE IS ONLY COUSIN.

So how can I marry cousin love legally?

Depends on by which way you decide to marry your cousin. Since the law has made a prohibition, it also made an exception. The marriage law has accepted any marriage that goes on with the customs of your community, group, caste, creed, and family. IF YOUR PARENTS GIVE THEIR CONSENT ON YOUR MARRIAGE YOU CAN CLAIM IT AS A VALID MARRIAGE. Remember, customs can be made. All it requires a good money in your pocket and right words with your parents. Otherwise, you can go away and start a new family.

What happens if my parents raise an objection?

Well, in such case you cannot marry with your cousin. It is really a s***ed-up country we are living in, guys. CONSTITUTION HAS DENIED US RIGHT TO CHOOSE LIFE PARTNER. That’s the way it is. Most politicians in our country are basically criminals, frauds and illiterate (saving for few left out of the most). Only a few people might know that in the month of October 2008 LAW COMMISSION RECOMMENDED REMOVAL OF COUSINS FROM DEGREE OF PROHIBITED RELATIONSHIP (report No. 212). The Government worked but Politicians slept in their comfortable Government funded Houses.

The bottom line is Cousin Marriages are prohibited ab initio, but hey Dowry is also prohibited, right? So you can marry your cousin but better make your parents ready for this. At least, make sure that they won’t interfere with your happy married life.

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