Legal side of Cousin Love and Cousin Marriage

Is cousin marriage all right? It is a big question in the Indian Society. Are they okay or not is a matter of discussion. Some people (mostly fundamentalist or Manuvadi) claims it as a sin against nature and the god. We are not god (as manager of the gods will say) but we are the god of our own life. In recent times, we have seen so many clandestine and openly discussed a way of living that our society is overwhelmed by it.  However, the society is not law, neither a lawyer, bloody hell society is not a person either. So why should blindly trust and listen to something which has no brain or heart?


But we live in a well-structured net of laws. It protects, prohibits some and punish. Whatever we are going to do must be done after looking into the laws. The laws can make it right or awfully wrong. So let’s have a look at the law relating to the cousin marriage.

What Law Says about Cousin Marriage

Alas! Law says nothing about Cousin Love. Even the law doesn’t even used the word cousin in the first place. In India, there are two Marriage Laws, The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, 1954. Both laws have virtually made a prohibition on the Cousin Marriage.

Few of you folk might not know what a prohibition is. In law, prohibition means something that should not be done. But there are exceptions. In India Dowry Prohibition Act has been laid down but 99.9% of Indian Marriages are done with Dowry. In the same way, Hindu and Special Marriage Act has laid down a term named “Prohibited Degree of Relationship”.

This Degree of Relationship exists only in Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist. There is an exception to this Prohibition is the customs of the family, religion, sect or society permits the cousin marriage. Our question is who are they to decide who should marry who?

The Younger generation is sensitive, angry, fool, smart all at the same time, but one thing about the younger generation is better than the last, younger generation cannot tolerate a wrong doing like their ancestors did. Though the Youngsters have their right to choose who they want to spend their life with, they should not ignore the law. At least, the younger generation should understand the law before taking their brave steps. When all the door is closed, the law remains a way to achieve the truth. That why awareness about the law is absolutely necessary. Please continue to the next post:-

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