How to convince your parents for cousin love marriage?

No matter how hard the truth is, it always prevails. And the truth is, for happy cousin marriage life you need to convince your parents. However, there are other ways to live happily with your cousin.

It is an old saying:-

 Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

People are dying to get married. Alas! Same goes with the lovers. But those who has gone far above the basic of human mentality doesn’t care if the marriage ever happens in their life. In the same way, if you are dying to get marry with your cousin, maybe you’ll be dead someday somehow. The thing is, never succumb to basics and you can achieve more.

First of all, before you convince your parents for cousin love marriage, you need to face the truth that your cousin is not your sister/brother and you’ll openly tell this to everyone on their face. If they threaten you with the law that prohibits cousin marriage, tell them that you don’t care. But this will happen only when you go above marriage thing, and believe me, this will make you stronger. The Legality of Cousin Marriages is a problem existing only between Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhist. The major religions in the world don’t have such restriction. However, when there is a problem, there is a remedy.

It’s simple guys, follow the truth!

Yes, guys. Though, cousin marriages are prohibited and that simply means that you cannot have a marriage certificate from the Marriage Registrar Offices of the country (same doesn’t apply to foreign marriage registrar offices). However, you can live as long as you want to live with your cousin. You can have kids, have a family, have your house and etc. In short, the marriage has no value if you have enough love, money and broad mind. But if you’re not convinced with living-in-relationship, we have a breakthrough solution.

Invite your parents to your marriage, convince your parents

Here you go. This is the brave people stuff, so scaredy cats can go back, curl up into a ball and sleep to the end of the world.

Before everything you do with moving ahead in love life, have money making career in your pocket, enough bank balance to start afresh, bravery which won’t end and of course, the love which has passed all subtle tests of love. If your lover is not financially independent like you then ask your lover to be financially independent and even help him/her. There are many ways to test your love and some of them are really helpful.

Know How to test if your lover loves you most!!!

The thing is, in love your own commitment matters more over the commitment of your lover. Anyway, you’ll love him/her, even if he/she won’t. My advice, if your lover has truly loved you for a once is your long relationship, pursue him/her to the end of your life. If it is one-sided love (under any situation), just ask him/her if he/she feels the love for you (finish the suspense).

The hardest task on the whole planet is becoming financially independent. Nowadays, it is even harder. Meanwhile, your lover is building his/her career, you do same with yours. If your lover is already earning member, he/she must help you to become one too, this is what lovers suppose to do. Remember, if the parents show any violent behaviour, you can immediately leave with your lover.

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But better safe than sorry!


Whenever I look at love lives I find one thing:-

“Love is not an act or a status, it is life and life is hard.”

Yes, folks, you can live-in-relationship with your cousin but you should get ready for any kind of lawsuit against you. In current time, parents have grown di*ks themselves, literally (one of them actually possess one). Parents are not even ashamed to lodge false rape case against you if you marry to their daughter. However, when there is a problem, there is a solution.

Though constitution does not allow you to choose your soulmate, you can live with him/her without interruption. If somebody threat your personal liberty that you can file a writ petition under article 226 of Constitution of India for stopping the arrest of your lover and show courts that you willingly took his side and do not want to live with your parents anymore.

Author’s Advise-Cum-Disclaimer to Cousin Lovers

If you are a woman and wants to marry your cousin, that’s all right. But be sure of few things:-

  • You are financially independent. Before anything, make this for sure.
  • You are brave to face any situation.
  • You have to test the love of your partner. Remember, people always betray those who trust them. Never be naive.
  • You are mentally and physically strong enough to save yourself from general situation. There are people looking for a weak woman for making her suicide bomb and/or sex worker. Never trust someone you haven’t known deeply. And also, keep knife or paperweight for your protection. If you don’t have them you can easily find a stone or something like that from nearby. Don’t worry, you can even kill someone to protect yourself.

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  • Make sure to have a good lawyer in touch. If you are planning to leave your parents house, secretly or independently, you may likely to file a writ petition for peaceful life in your future.
  • Make sure to have contact with other lovers in the world and also in the nearby places. In the technology prominent that’s not hard to find, is it?
  • Anything that came up in your head to make your own safety should be done at once. Remember, your enemy only needs your ignorance to harm you. In this case, your enemy, who are your own relative, know you better and can hurt you worse.

Be safe, be lawful and keep loving!!!

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