Lawful Safety Guide for Eloping Lovers

In India, the next level of love is eloping. Many of us believe in convincing our parents for love marriage but parents never live up with our dream. Mindless and bogus issues like religion, country, language, race, color, caste, creed, locality, punctuality, hair color, cloth color, teeth color, eye color and 1 million other issues are always made up by your parents and their shameless relatives (like brother of your uncle’s brother-in-law) to stop you love marrying. The thing is when you just want cheap sex in the name of marriage, nobody goes against you, but whenever you want to marry because you love somebody the whole world goes against you.

In such situation, people resigned to eloping. Eloping is good. It’s good to live your dream with your soulmate rather than with a horde of savage social animals we call well-wishers and relatives (What word do you use for a person who married for the free maid and cheap SEX?). But there is always a risk in eloping. People get killed or get arrested for rape (mostly male lovers).

To sort out this problem, we have prepared a walkthrough guide for your lawful eloping. Remember people, this guide was prepared while keeping Parallel Cousin Marriages in Mind. If this guide can work with them, it will definitely work with you.

How to safely Elope?

Eloping may mean “marrying secretly” but for this guide “ELOPING MEANS MARRYING WITHOUT FEARING PARENTS”. Follow these simple milestones for safe eloping:-

First Milestone

Given below are five simple elements of safe love marriage:-

  • Adulthood Evidence: – Aadhar Card, Ration Card, 10th Marksheet, PAN Card which can show your age. 18 for Girls, 21 for Boys.
  • Your Money in the Bank: – As much as you can hold. The Bigger amount, the better.
  • A Job: – Bigger pay, the better.
  • Modest and broadminded thinking: – The essence of loving.
  • Connection with other lovers around the country: – Lovers in the locality are better.

If any one of the above-noted element is missing then bag that as soon as you can. Remember, a big amount at the bank is not necessary but money is the oil of love machine, keep enough of this oil in reserve for a successful love life.

Second Milestone

If you are a woman, you should have guts to tell parents what you wants. This will be simple if you have financial independence and enough brain to filter craps like culture and Sanskaari s**t. The process of convincing your parents may get really ugly, and parents reaction can go even uglier than you might even imagine. You should keep a backup plan. If they lock you in a room, just break through the window, burn down the goddamn house and reach the mass media. Then file a Habeas Corpus writ under Article 226 of Constitution of India. According to law, a person (even your parents) cannot restrain you in any house. In a Supreme Court case an underage girl, who was subject to abuse of her parents, was allowed to live with her Grandmother. If an underage girl can claim her freedom from abuse, so can you.

Third Milestone

If a woman is leaving her house to live with her cousin, please secure your birth evidence and your educational certificates and file an application before a Judicial Magistrate, affixing a photocopy of your birth evidence (like PAN Card, 10th Marksheet, Driving License, Aadhar Card). The application can have title stating “For Permission to Live-in-Relationship”. According to law, even the Judge cannot allow you to marry your cousin lawfully (unless your customs say so), but this application will keep your lover off the trouble. Parents are shamelessly filing rape cases against the male lovers.

Fourth Milestone

If the parents or any dumb relative (like your distant or real uncle) are harassing you, file a writ under Article 226 of Consitution of India. If they can act badly against you, do the same to them, give them the taste of their own s**t. I know you’ll be called bad kids, but you are not a kid anymore. You are an adult person who is being harassed for loving, meanwhile, the whole goddamn world is taking the side of the offender (not a big surprise, though, they are all dumbhead f**kers). Take some action or play dead.

Fifth Milestone

If your parents do not do anything nasty after you leaving their house, write an emotional letter, say few words of truth and formally and officially invite your parents to your marriage. This means you have to send them the marriage card, via registered post. Keep the receipt of registered postal order, it will be the proof of your lawful cousin marriage. If your parents don’t turn up on your marriage day, you’ll claim your legal marriage certificate as they gave their silent approval to your relationship.

That’s it. Happy Married Life. Send us your story, we’ll send you a greeting every anniversary of your love marriage.

Send us your story, we’ll happily send you a greeting on every anniversary of your love marriage.

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