All beauty gone in a flick ;-(


We all heard the news about the sad death of Pratyusha Banerjee and we all got mad at many things. First of all, we got mad at Rahul who used to live with Pratyusha. Many people have declared Rahul as the murderer and fiend. Is this right? Before we get ahead on this topic we must know that the postmortem has been done and investigation of Late Pratyusha is still under process. So, let me ask you, who are you to declare that Rahul is a killer. Who gave you right to prejudice anyone?

Pratyusha’s death has shaken our belief, even if we didn’t have one before. First Jiah Khan’s supposed suicide and now Pratyusha. Ask yourself, why women in the film industry are dying like this? Few of us had suspected their male partners who lived with them before they died. And rest of us just wait for the investigation to complete. There’s no way to decide who killed them, but you still cannot ignore the fact that women aren’t safe anywhere.

Let me give you a list of female actors who died unnatural dead:
1. Jiah Khan

2. Nafisa Joseph

3. Viveka Babajee

4. Shikha Joshi

Image result for Shikha Joshi
5. Kuljeet Randhawa

6. Ruby Singh

7. Divya Bharti

8. Silk Smitha

9. Smita Patil

10. Aarthi Agrawal

Now Pratyusha has been added to this list by death. Families of most of the deceased female actor have lodge criminal cases against their male partners, but it cannot hide the fact that there is something killing our beauty. Maybe they committed suicide because of depression or they were murdered by someone.

We are in no position to give our verdict, claiming that their male partners are the reason for their death. We can wait for police to investigate and the court will decide how fair their investigation was. But will it give justice to the female who died so young? We know how slow our police is. Police take years to investigate and the court takes years to give punishment. Even after that the accused will mingle with our slow law and will finally get on the plea of the benefit-of-doubt.

There is something we have to admit that something is wrong with our society and our culture. People dies every day, but when somebody so beautiful, well know, kind and humane dies like this, it breaks our heart. So, instead of foolishly claiming that her boyfriend killed her we should ask our government to make some change and ensure that real perpetrator, no matter who he is, should be punished.

Sign our petition for ensuring proper investigation in Pratyusha Banerjee Case

Lawful Safety Guide for Eloping Lovers

In India, the next level of love is eloping. Many of us believe in convincing our parents for love marriage but parents never live up with our dream. Mindless and bogus issues like religion, country, language, race, color, caste, creed, locality, punctuality, hair color, cloth color, teeth color, eye color and 1 million other issues are always made up by your parents and their shameless relatives (like brother of your uncle’s brother-in-law) to stop you love marrying. The thing is when you just want cheap sex in the name of marriage, nobody goes against you, but whenever you want to marry because you love somebody the whole world goes against you.

In such situation, people resigned to eloping. Eloping is good. It’s good to live your dream with your soulmate rather than with a horde of savage social animals we call well-wishers and relatives (What word do you use for a person who married for the free maid and cheap SEX?). But there is always a risk in eloping. People get killed or get arrested for rape (mostly male lovers).

To sort out this problem, we have prepared a walkthrough guide for your lawful eloping. Remember people, this guide was prepared while keeping Parallel Cousin Marriages in Mind. If this guide can work with them, it will definitely work with you.

How to safely Elope?

Eloping may mean “marrying secretly” but for this guide “ELOPING MEANS MARRYING WITHOUT FEARING PARENTS”. Follow these simple milestones for safe eloping:-

First Milestone

Given below are five simple elements of safe love marriage:-

  • Adulthood Evidence: – Aadhar Card, Ration Card, 10th Marksheet, PAN Card which can show your age. 18 for Girls, 21 for Boys.
  • Your Money in the Bank: – As much as you can hold. The Bigger amount, the better.
  • A Job: – Bigger pay, the better.
  • Modest and broadminded thinking: – The essence of loving.
  • Connection with other lovers around the country: – Lovers in the locality are better.

If any one of the above-noted element is missing then bag that as soon as you can. Remember, a big amount at the bank is not necessary but money is the oil of love machine, keep enough of this oil in reserve for a successful love life.

Second Milestone

If you are a woman, you should have guts to tell parents what you wants. This will be simple if you have financial independence and enough brain to filter craps like culture and Sanskaari s**t. The process of convincing your parents may get really ugly, and parents reaction can go even uglier than you might even imagine. You should keep a backup plan. If they lock you in a room, just break through the window, burn down the goddamn house and reach the mass media. Then file a Habeas Corpus writ under Article 226 of Constitution of India. According to law, a person (even your parents) cannot restrain you in any house. In a Supreme Court case an underage girl, who was subject to abuse of her parents, was allowed to live with her Grandmother. If an underage girl can claim her freedom from abuse, so can you.

Third Milestone

If a woman is leaving her house to live with her cousin, please secure your birth evidence and your educational certificates and file an application before a Judicial Magistrate, affixing a photocopy of your birth evidence (like PAN Card, 10th Marksheet, Driving License, Aadhar Card). The application can have title stating “For Permission to Live-in-Relationship”. According to law, even the Judge cannot allow you to marry your cousin lawfully (unless your customs say so), but this application will keep your lover off the trouble. Parents are shamelessly filing rape cases against the male lovers.

Fourth Milestone

If the parents or any dumb relative (like your distant or real uncle) are harassing you, file a writ under Article 226 of Consitution of India. If they can act badly against you, do the same to them, give them the taste of their own s**t. I know you’ll be called bad kids, but you are not a kid anymore. You are an adult person who is being harassed for loving, meanwhile, the whole goddamn world is taking the side of the offender (not a big surprise, though, they are all dumbhead f**kers). Take some action or play dead.

Fifth Milestone

If your parents do not do anything nasty after you leaving their house, write an emotional letter, say few words of truth and formally and officially invite your parents to your marriage. This means you have to send them the marriage card, via registered post. Keep the receipt of registered postal order, it will be the proof of your lawful cousin marriage. If your parents don’t turn up on your marriage day, you’ll claim your legal marriage certificate as they gave their silent approval to your relationship.

That’s it. Happy Married Life. Send us your story, we’ll send you a greeting every anniversary of your love marriage.

Send us your story, we’ll happily send you a greeting on every anniversary of your love marriage.

Why section 377 should be repealed?

Section 377 is the most controversial section of our penal code. A section that has our attraction because the people fought against this Controversial section. But the question is why this section even exists. So let’s take a little history lesson.

How the Section 377 came into existence?

Back in time, when the India was taken by Queen Victoria from the hand of East India Company, there were the troubles faced beforehand. There was no unified law in the Indian sub-continent. To solve this problem, they sent Sir Thomas Babington Macaulay. Sir Macaulay drafted a lengthy draft, containing 511 Sections.

Now, the draft was called Indian Penal Code back in 1860, but it wasn’t Indian in its soul. The sections of Indian Penal Code were based on the law settled in England. Fair enough, they were also effective in India.

Back in then, the church was the prominent preacher of England and its speak was also supported by Crown. The church back then was too much interfering. In the eye of the church, the sex was an activity must be done for procreation. Because of this teaching all carnal intercourse other than the vaginal were hailed as unnatural. You can still see the effect of Churches teaching when you hear an Indian woman died because church refused to allow abortion.

Current status of Section 377 and what’s now in England?

Well, the main source of English Law is the court judgments. There is written law in England but they are not so extensive like Indian. There was no Section 377 in England. However, they signed a UN Declaration that ensure rights or LGBT and now same-sex marriage is legal in there. Even they passed Gender Recognition Act, 2004, which prohibits any hateful act against LGBT. In India, however, the situation has worsened.

Now, Indian people have recognized their right to equality and right to liberty. They accept the things they like and reject what they don’t. The fundamentalist and so-called good people have raped and killed LGBT. While they should be hanged by the neck for such act, they take the support of Section 377.

Sign Mr. Shashi Tharoor’s Petition to remove Section 377 from Indian Penal Code

What is controversial Section 377?

Many of you may have heard that the Supreme Court of India is trying to test the Constitutionality of the controversial Section 377.

What is Constitutionality?

What is Section 377?

The Section 377 or Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is the law that particularly speaks about the “Unnatural Sex”. You may find the term “Unnatural Sex” confusing because there is no such this in reality. But since the law talks about it so we will do that as well. Let’s have a look what exactly Section 377 of Indian Penal Code says about it:-

377. Unnatural offences: – Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Explanation- Penetration is sufficient to constitute the carnal intercourse necessary to the offence described in this section.

So you see, the Law has branded an act as “Unnatural”. It must be kept in mind that anything tagged as a punishable offence and can set you inside the jail for a long time.

Know about Indian Penal Code!!!

So what is Controversy about the Section 377?

In India, everything that is consensual and offence is an offence. Society wants to control everything and that’s what made it controversial. It is assumed that Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual people are completely sex-oriented people. If you are an LGBT you’ll be assumed to done sex with your partner. Now, because having relationship means consummating and the law says that it must be done with so-called Natural organs, which you cannot, you have done “Unnatural Sex”.

There is a reason behind such the abusive and illogical section inside our Penal Code.

Please Read our next article:-

Why section 377 should be repealed?

How Cousin Love and Cousin Marriage became taboo?

Cousin Marriage is controversial, but why?

Legality of Cousin Marriage between Hindu couples is very much controversial in India. Most of the people do not want to talk about it. However, just because you don’t wanna see something doesn’t mean it does not exist. A whole generation is asking questions and here are some answers. The problem with the legality of Cousin Marriage starts with Prohibited Degree of Relationships.

What is Prohibited Degree of Relation?

Well, way back in 1955 lawmakers of our country were not so open minded. They were fighters, true, but most of them were fighters for land and recognition. Don’t get me wrong. I truly respect the guys who took us from one sh***ole and dropped us in an another one, but I truly hate the people who never tried to fix the things they should have in the first place. Anyway, while creating the Hindu Marriage Act they wanted to limit the definition of marriage. To make sure that the Hindu Marriage Act stays different from the Muslim Law and others, they created the degree of prohibited relationship. Few founders of our nation were the fundamentalist to their guts. The Prohibited Degree of Relationship contains 33 Relationships that cannot Marry to each other. From Father-Daughter and Mother-son to few generations of your parents cannot marry among each other.

Full list of Degrees of Prohibited Degree of Relationship

Why did they do this?

The question should be why we are still doing this. But history prevails the truth.

Let’s go back few decades and look at general India family structure. What do you see? There would be only one thing persisting in the face, JOINT FAMILIES. For the confused folks, Joint Families are the institution where people for same ancestral lineage co-exist in the same house. In such families, the wealthiest man is the strongest one and oldest one is the Supreme One. Back in the time, when Joint Families existed everywhere, the people of same ancestral lineage lived in the same house, so did their kids.

In our Indian Culture we believe in planned breeding… wait a minute, it is not the right word, we believe in Controlled Breeding. Controlled Breeding is same like dog-breeding in the pet-store. If you wonder that I’m wrong, go and look into a matrimonial page of any newspaper. Yep, that’s controlled breeding where only the masters can decide with whom their dogs… I mean kids, can sc**w. That’s not as same as controlled breeding in reality because we have exceeded 120 Crore in number but our quality is as usual sub-standard.

Anyway, in such scenario where we only worry about who is born but not what they will become, the kids in the same house may exceed too many in number.

Somehow, most parents succeed in ramming one fact down their kids throat that everyone they see is their brother/sister. We call each other brother and sister and that’s not bad at all. Better if our kids have these feeling in their heart (somehow that will control our population crisis, everyone is brother-sister means no breeding). It is the same thing happened with our parents. They used to call each other brother and sister even though there wasn’t any true blood relationship between them at all. Till this, there is no problem. Somehow, parents believe that because they were brothers their kids should also treat each other as brother and sister.

In the back age, when cousins lived together till their adolescence the fact that they are brother and sister sink in and digested. Somehow, now when families have been disintegrated and everyone lives far from each other, sometimes truth weigh more than the made out fact, i.e., COUSINS ARE NOT BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

But this is not the end of story. There is still friction between old and young. That’s why there is devil’s like Lover Killing/Female Genocide (maliciously called Honor Killing). But just claiming something doesn’t make it right. There is an explanation of how cousins are not brother and sister.

Legality of Cousin Marriages and the big friction-Part-3

Why common people fears law?

An uneducated society is lawless society, a lawless society is reckless society and a reckless society is a savage society.

Many people may find the above-noted statement true and harsh. Right now we are dealing with problems like terrorism, over-pollution and it’s mother overpopulation, riots, global warming, etc. Have you ever notices anything in common. They all have uneducation and in the depth. “Uneducation” is not even a proper English word but people understand (at least feel) it’s meaning. Many people may even see it in their surrounding town. But let us not deal with this in such harsh way. Let’s be a little lenient.

Think, how come a person can exchange money if the person doesn’t know about the numbers. Let a kid play with your money and he’ll make you from a billionaire to a trash. We have discussed the meaning of education is our last story: “Why there is too much corruption?” In the same way, how could you understand your rights if you haven’t known them in the first place. Illiteracy, coupled with insuffient education, creates a ready-made inferno. In such case, law education is not possible.

The Law is the only way to know about the rights. In a democratic country law is the only way to acquire your rights. But have we learned about the law? More than half of the law is pure Common Sense. But the law has been branded as a professional subject. Because of this branding, schools never teaches kids about the law. Funny, the law governs everything but nobody know about it. We have never been told about law, that’s why clever and powerful people are exploiting common people. Because of Legal unEducation common people hasn’t grown into a reasonable people. That’s why people fear the law, rather than respecting it.

Right now, we have millions of cases pending in the various courts of India. Can you imagine the result of such situation? The story of “29 Years of Delay in Justice” is most heartbreaking and eye-opening event in the legal history of Indian Judiciary. The 29 years of delay was caused in the matter of corruption of 57.60 Rupees.

Criminals who have committed rape, murder, theft, fraud, drug dealing, kidnapping are free on the road. They have been granted bail within few minutes when their case came up on the Judge’s desk, just because of lazy machinery. Most of them have been granted bail on the ground of parity. Lack of evidence and witnesses have brought psychopaths killer and rapist out of conviction but people who have falsely implicated in the case are suffering every now and then.

Independent reports have told us that 50 percent of Indian Population is illiterate. Now, 30 percent of so called literate people can only write their name and read with a lot of difficulties. Again, 60 percent of remaining 30 percent of literate people are truly literate and write and read well. Out of this tiny bit of literate people, only 10 percent people know about Constitution of India. Constitution of India, which is the foundation stone of our law and country, is completely out of knowledge of our people.

This situation is bad, so bad that it is intolerable. Right now we are taking an initiative and we are obliged to teach people about the law. We are so shaken by the illiteracy of our Indian people that we cannot afford another “29 Years of Delay in Justice“. It is up to you people how well you are going to take this initiative. People, there is no denials, no escape from the law. All you can do is protect yourself and teach others by sharing this article. Knowledge is power, earn it!!!

Why there is too much corruption?

Education is something we should carry after we left our schools.

Above noted quotation is the bare-naked truth. Education is not to be taught but to be learned and earned. But how could a book-hater kid can learn or earn any education at all? No wonder why we hear news about angry kids beating his school-mates to the pulp. It is quite wondrous how 8 hours of school literacy fails to educate kids, but succeed in teaching how to kill people with their bare-little-hands. Right now, most of our schools are pitch battleground for school children to climb on the top of their communities food chain.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one had learn in school.

Sir Albert Einstein needed not to be a genius to figure out the above-noted fact. He was a man with an IQ below room temperature, but he used 0.0001% brain and it made him the creator of E=mc2. It’s quite sad and amusing, how high IQ students of our prestigious engineering colleges are committing to suicide because of failure while Sir Albert Einstein survived with his little IQ. What are we lacking?

Corruption churns everything and spits nothing.

Last one line is from me. In India (and also other lawful countries) corruption is rampant. This little devil hasn’t left a single spot on earth. Corruption has given birth to bureaucracy which has given birth to more corruption. Same bureaucracy is responsible for slow employment rate. Lack of transparency in the IT Age, the high illiteracy graph, dirty governmental hospitals, rampant police brutality, criminal’s supremacy are forms of corruption. But isn’t there any measure against the corruption?

Yes, there is! Law Education is the one-stop-solution for corruption.

Law Education is the medicine of corruption at every level. All your answers are within laws. But what are laws? Have you ever read about any law at schools? I guess not. This little problem has given birth to a devilish situation. Read our next eye-opener story:-

Result of insufficient Legal Awareness!!!